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The compliance date for ESOS is 5th December 2015. While the EA have acknowledged that they have the ability to waive or modify enforcement action where appropriate. They have also specified that their main focus will be to bring organisations into compliance. And have been "urging participants to start complying as soon as possible if they have not already done so."

Turn ESOS into an opportunity, get started now and discover where you can improve energy efficiency, and save money.

The compliance date for ESOS.

Robust Solution

ESOS Auditor was developed in conjunction with the Energy Managers Association and reviewed by Kit Oung the Technical Author for the new ESOS standard PAS 51215: Energy efficiency audit - Competency of a lead energy auditor.

If you are chosen for Audit by your regulator, e.g. the Environment Agency, ESOS Auditor is now accepted as part of your Evidence Pack. The tool enables you to build, store and track the data required for your Evidence Pack online helping give you 100% assurance that it is complete.

Connects Your Team

ESOS Auditor is a cloud based platform accessible by any device. It is completely scalable across any size and type of organisation. Connect any number of users across multiple sites, integrate with your Lead Assessor, manage progress, and set different levels of access.

The secure system also includes a bulk upload function so you can import data from different systems, or work offline and upload later.

Comply Quickly and Easily

ESOS Auditor is software to securely report, track and manage your ESOS data. Users can track progress, identify data gaps, upload evidence, produce reports compliant with ESOS and submit data to your Lead Assessor for checking.

You can also easily review and prioritise energy efficiency recommendations to find the most cost effective opportunities for you based on automatically calculated ROI.

Filter your reports by your custom data fields.

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